Enjoy This Oceanside Key Largo Campground

Key Largo Kampground Welcome Sign

This centrally located Key Largo campground was ingeniously named Key Largo Kampground and Marina by the state spelling bee winner of 1954. Okay, not really, but it was a fun thought.

For your next Florida Keys camping trip, this could be the spot for you if you want to stay a while in Key Largo. And you just might. Especially, if you like SCUBA diving or snorkeling. You're already in the dive capital of the world. You might as well hang around.

Even if you're not a diver, camping in the Florida Keys is as good a way as any to escape winter's snow storms and enjoy some Florida sunshine.

Key Largo Kampground and Marina is located at Mile Marker 101.5 Oceanside, within walking distance (0.3 of a mile) to the Tradewinds shopping center, which has a Publix grocery store, a K-Mart, a Bealls outlet, and various little specialty shops, including one of my favorites--the Blue Cow Cafe, a great little stop for food and outstanding ice cream that'll have you coming back for more.

While so many accommodations are located right on US 1, this Key Largo campground is a bit removed from the highway, making it little tricky to find. But just go east on Samson Road past the shopping center on the right (the south side of the road), taking the curve to the left, keep going to the road's end, and you're there. It's hidden away, but that's part of its appeal.

About the Campground
Key Largo Kampground takes up 40 acres on Key Largo's ocean side. This campground is actually a condominium association, with condo ownership of many of the campsites, which are occupied year round with mobile homes. Purchases and sales of lots apparently go on all the time here.

To me, the waterfront condo sites with their own little tiki huts--or, chickees, as they're often called in this part of the world--are particularly inviting. You can leave your spot, take your boat out the canal, through the mangrove waterways, and on to the open ocean for a day of diving, snorkeling, fishing, or just plain boat riding. This is Florida Keys camping in style.

Key Largo Kampground Waterfront Sites
Waterfront Sites with Tiki Huts

Short-Term Camping
Even though Key Largo Kampground and Marina is a condo association, they still have sites to rent on a daily basis--43 sites for RVs and 42 tent sites.

Key Largo Kampground Camp Site
Shaded Campsite

So, what amenities does Key Largo Kampground offer?

Well, the first thing I noticed was the pool--a heated pool just big enough to swim laps in. It can sometimes get a little cool in Key Largo in the wintertime, so to combat any hint of a winter chill, they keep the pool temperature at 84 degrees. Imagine...while you're lazing in the warm water during the latest winter weather front, you can think about the folks up north somewhere, de-icing the car or clearing great piles of snow out of the driveway so they can leave for work. I guess somebody has to do it, but--for this day, at least--it won't be you.

Key Largo Kampground Pool
Relaxing By The Pool.

The campground has two bath facilities. Check the sign about no diving gear in the bathrooms--another little reminder that you're in the world's diving capital.

Key Largo Kampground Bath Facilities

Clothes dirty? No problem. Laundry facilities are conveniently available on site.

Key Largo Kampground Laundry Facilities

Not all Florida Keys campgrounds have a beach, but this one has two. Launch your canoe or kayak from here to explore the wild mangrove channels of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

Key Largo Kampground Sandy Beach

Welcome to Key Largo

A View of John Pennekamp Beach

Christ of the Abyss

SCUBA diver on a Key Largo Reef

Sign warning we play Jimmy Buffet music

A quaint Key Largo cottage

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