Key Largo Restaurants

What's the best of the Key Largo Restaurants? Truth is, I like most of them. The ones I do like, I'll feature here. The ones I don't like, just won't appear on my web site.

Of course, if any one of the Key Largo Restaurants isn't on this site, it could be that I just haven't had a chance to write about it yet.

Restaurant Garden Entrance
The Quaint Entrance to the Conch House

Dinner at Day's End
What better way to end a day of snorkeling, SCUBA, fishing or other Key Largo adventure than reliving your experiences with family or friends over a relaxing and pleasant meal? I don't know about you, but the laughter and camaraderie over a great evening meal make up some of life's best memories.

Tall Tales
The tall tales of the day's wild adventures somehow get larger than life at the dinner table after the sun goes down.

Stuff like how you somehow managed to lose your facemask in 50 feet of water. Or the barracuda that trailed you all afternoon. Or the moray eel that almost ate your foot. Or how the current caught you and you blew right past the wreck. Or how tired you were after fighting that fish for 45 minutes.

All those great memories just get better with friends over dinner.

Where's the Beef? Or--in this case--the Lobster?
But where to have that dinner? Key Largo Restaurants range from cheap and fast to pricey and fancy.

If I had just one favorite local eatery, I'd tell you about it, but I don't. We enjoy going to a variety of places. So, in this section of the web site, I'll do my best to give you a good idea of what each restaurant is like so you can pick and choose for yourself.

Most people, I suppose, who visit Key Largo want some kind of seafood, especially the local specialty, Florida lobster.

Key Largo Lobster Dinner
I'll have the lobster.

Oh yeah, and they also want the Conch Republic's own Key Lime Pie with that. So, naturally seafood places are over-represented here on the island.

Coffee and Key Lime Pie
A Great Ending to a Great Meal

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am NOT a persnickety food critic. While I appreciate fine dining and an inviting ambience as much as the next guy, I'm easily pleased when it comes to things culinary. In fact, one of my favorite memories of serving in the U.S. Army was the food. Hey, I'm serious. During the course of my life time, I've developed a certain proficiency in wilderness survival (wrote a book about it once), so I've been known to eat about anything edible. Just keep that in mind if your tastes are more highly discriminating. That said, I'll do my dead-level best to steer you to some restaurants I hope you'll enjoy.

Places I Like

Looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a fine dinner with that special someone? After a long day on the water, or just relaxing by the hotel pool, you'll enjoy a quiet dinner at the the Key Largo Conch House--a quaint, tucked-away little place.

Dinner is one thing, but what if you're looking for a breakfast restaurant? Try Harriette's at Mile Marker 95.7 Bayside.

How about some authentic Cuban food? Visit our favorite Cuban Restaurant in Key Largo.

Welcome to Key Largo

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Christ of the Abyss

SCUBA diver on a Key Largo Reef

Sign warning we play Jimmy Buffet music

A quaint Key Largo cottage

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