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Reid Tillery

This page gives me an opportunity to formally introduce myself to you. I'm Reid Tillery, your host here at Key-Largo-Sunsets.com.

My Goals for This Web Site
My goal is for every page of this site to bring you top-notch, useful information pertaining to Key Largo and to nearby attractions.

I want to showcase Key Largo in such a way that you can get the information you need to better enjoy your time here, whether you're a visitor or a resident.

To do that, I'm determined to explore every little backwater on this island, snorkel every reef, and investigate all sorts of other things such as hotels and restaurants that you'll need to know about in Key Largo.

Since I live in north Florida, and not in Key Largo, I'm not a conch or what you'd call a Key Largo insider. But sometimes, I've learned, it takes an outsider seeing things with fresh eyes to showcase any particular place and the people who live there.

Key-Largo-Sunsets.com is a work in progress. It's not complete now, and I don't know if I'll ever consider it complete. As I learn new things about this island, I'll share them with you. That process, I suppose, could go on for as long as I do.

Why I Do This
So what propels me to do this? I'd have to say it's my passion for outdoor adventure, my deep connection with my home state of Florida, and my love of writing.

Of course, web advertising revenues also play a part, so money does factor into the mix. But the key thing is I love what I'm doing here. And the way I see it, if you pay your way by doing something honest and decent, and it's what you love...well, that's the ultimate in financial success.

Few things are more rewarding and challenging to me than investigating an interesting topic, finding out everything I can about it, then reporting those findings to others who may also be interested in it. When I'm not doing that, I'm usually thinking about doing it.

As a writer, I wanted a project I could really get into. The idea of writing a web site about Key Largo came to me when I realized that in so doing I could spend time researching and writing about many things I've enjoyed over the years--clear-blue ocean waters, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, fishing, eating in good restaurants, and staying in nice hotels.

What's more, the project would demand that I spend a good bit of time in Key Largo, swimming in its waters, watching its sunsets, feeling its balmy breezes, and getting attuned to its island rhythm.

"It's a tough job," I thought to myself, "but somebody has to do it." :-) So, in September of 2010, Key-Largo-Sunsets.com went from an idea to a reality.

Accompanying me on periodic jaunts to Key Largo is my wife, Sue. We've been together a long time. In fact, we first met in 1970 while students at The Florida State University. Sue was here on a student visa, newly off the boat, having been born in England and reared in the wilds of Africa. She reminded me in some ways of Joy Adamson's character in the movie "Born Free." Her soft, gentle ways and her English accent stole my heart away, and a year or so later she honored me with her hand in marriage. Since that time, we've trekked to many places together. Now she joins me on trips to Key Largo, so you'll see her picture here and there throughout this site.

My Background of Experience
Except for about 10 years or so, I've spent almost my entire life in Florida. I grew up in the warm climate of Palm Beach County around towering palms, not too far from the Atlantic's sandy beaches and its clear, warm, blue-green ocean waters.

During those growing-up years, I came to love those things about Florida. But I didn't know just how much I loved them until I no longer had them. An extended absence from my home state--while living in Wyoming and Georgia--made me appreciate this old limestone peninsula even more upon my return.

While I was still in high-school, the clear Gulf-stream waters of the Palm Beaches made me want to learn SCUBA diving. So, at age 16, right after I got my driver's license, I got my first SCUBA certification--from the West Palm Beach YMCA. Since then, I've dived years on and years off, taking a re-cert course here and there as new equipment came along (buoyancy compensators, octopuses, dive computers, and so forth) and I felt the need to keep up.

Sand In Your Shoes
It's said that if you come to Florida and get sand in your shoes, you'll always come back. That's another way of saying if you come here and take time to enjoy the things we have in Florida (Key Largo's turquoise waters, for instance), you'll want to enjoy them again and again.

Here's hoping, welcomed web-site visitor, you come to Key Largo and end up with shoes slap full of sand.

Reid Tillery, November 2010

Welcome to Key Largo

A View of John Pennekamp Beach

Christ of the Abyss

SCUBA diver on a Key Largo Reef

Sign warning we play Jimmy Buffet music

A quaint Key Largo cottage

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